June 14, 2017

Tips For Creating An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing tips image

We’ve put together the following email marketing tips to help you build an effective marketing campaign which yields results.

  1. Select the best  software. There is a huge choice of software including FloppyMail – free and paid for – but it’s important to get the right one for your business and overall goals. If you need advice, feel free to contact us.
  2. When sending out a newsletter or update on promotional offers, it’s best to mention that the details supplied by the consumer will not be sold or provided to third parties (ideally within the footer)
  3. Try to only send emails to people who already view your website, or buy from you.
  4. Personalise your emails properly – spending just those extra few minutes can really maximise your chance of success
  5. Test the email out across multiple platforms with office colleagues if possible. Get feedback on impressions and conversion rates before committing to the campaign.
  6. The Subject line of your email is what grabs your readers and this needs to be eye catching and personal to the person receiving your email.
  7. Offer your customers coupons and vouchers for exclusive offers.
  8. Add quality and relevant content into your emails, so it’s more attractive to your target audience.
  9. Write personally and from a formal point of view. Be friendly, as if talking with a work colleague, without using all the jargon.
  10. Make sure the website homepage or any offer can easily be clicked from within your email i.e. Call to action buttons.
  11. Be accessible and have full contact details visible in case somebody want to ask any questions
  12. Do not overdo email marketing. Sending too many emails from a business will make people see you as unprofessional  and may provoke them to unsubscribe.
  13. Make sure you have important parts of the main message summarised at the top of the email and the call to action at the bottom.
  14. Assess and monitor each marketing campaign in regards to open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, referral rate and unsubscriber numbers. It’s also worth taking some time to fine tune your email marketing campaigns so you remove any people who don’t want to receive emails from you. Not all people use the unsubscribe button so if somebody personally asks you to remove them from your marketing, you should do as they ask.

With all these great tips you can’t go wrong and whilst email marketing is a brilliant tool, it should never be your sole method of marketing.